Everyone want to make his machine work well, but sometimes drinking straw making machine issues can occur due to different reasons. Fortunately, many common problems can be fixed or prevented by making sure that machine is set up properly and has regular maintenance. But what the common problems will be and how to get rid of? 

Common drinking straw making machine problems

1. drinking straws are not straight
this problem often arise on the new machines because mold is not been set properly and drinking straw wall thickness heterogeneous.
Solution: check the mandrel and die space, and assure that the mandrel is in the center of die. Then running the machine and extruding the drinking straws. Marking the line on the drinking straws and adjusting. Click the details: how to change and adjust the drinking straw making machine mold

2. drinking straws are not round
drinking straws are not round if there are three phenomena: 
1. the traction wheels of cutting machine are too tight. Solution: please adjust the traction wheels to proper position
2. the drinking straws are not been immerged into the front section of cooling water completely. Solution: keep the drinking straws immerged.
3. the extrusion output is too much. Solution: Control the main motor speed and output.
4. the horizontal line of all drinking straw making machine(extruder, water tank, cutting machine) not uniform. Solution: Put all machines on smooth floor and make them center on same horizontal line. Please remember the water level must higher than the drinking straws.

3. drinking straws diameter is not uniform
Causes: 1. mold air pressure is not stable. Solution: adjust the air valve to control the air pressure.
2.  two much clearance between cutting knife and tool led to closed of drinking straws; Solution: adjust the clerance of two parts.
3.  Water level is not stable. Solution: adjust the water valve to make water level stable.

problems exist in customers operations, this article is going to be continued……

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