how to get the quotation and details quickly from drinking straw machine supplier? Here are some steps and tips that can help you greatly:

  1. By types
    here we can supply drinking straw making machine, straw bending machine, straw packing machine
  2. By colors
    when it comes to colors, it often refers to drinking straw making machine including one color, two color, three color and multiple color co-extrusion line.
  3. By needs
    this means we can according to your needs to introduce our machine for you, such as U shape straw complete production line, single straw packing machine, i shape straw packing machine, Cotton sticks production line, balloon tube extrusion line, etc.
  4. By sizes
    the last steps is straws’ sizes like diameter and length, machine has many types so those specifications are necessary for me to make exact quotations and machine details to you. 

if you want to get quotations and accurate information more efficient, please inform us accordingly.

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