Project Description

Model JX011 One color drinking straw making machine, transparent no stripes
Power&Voltage 1/3 phases 220/380/415V,  10-15kw/h power consumption
Motor 11kw
Dia./Length of screw 50/55/65mm, 25:1/28:1/30:1
Cooling tank 3.5/4.5/5.5 meters
Functions temperature controller, counter
Options air chiller, air compressor
Machine size 2.2m*1.2m*1.7m(L*W*H)
Whole line size 10m*1.2m*1.7m
Whole line weight 1100KG
Straw Material PP yarn food grade
Straw Diameter 2-12mm
Capacity 20-60kg/h raw material


JX011 one color drinking straw making machine uses polypropylene (PP) as raw materials, with the use of masterbatch, after melting, extrusion, shaping, cooling, pulling, cutting, then produce transparent and one color drink straws. It is composed of main body, tooling, water cooling system and cutting machine.

Quality Throughout:

  • The gears and bearings are precision ground and hardened to ensure smooth and quiet operations.

  • The screw and barrel is manufactured from Aluminum Chromolybdenum alloy steel and is stress relieved.

  • The die undergoes nitrogen hardening treatment for a long service time.

  • The water tank and the surface of cutting machine are made of #304 stainless steel.

  • The main extruder’s screw designed to suit plastic material specified.

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