Project Description

Machine Model JX42-1 JX42-2
Packing Type 3 sides/trilateral closure H shape 3 sides/trilateral closure H shape
Film Thickness 0.018-0.06mm 0.018-0.06mm
Max. Film Width 420mm 600mm
Straw Dia. 5-10mm 5-10mm
Straw Length 150-260mm 150-260mm
Packaging Width 80-180mm 80-180mm
Packaging Height <=90 <=90
Max. Straw Qty 150pcs/bag 300pcs/bag
Max. Capacity 8-28 bag/min, 2,000pcs/min 8-28 bag/min, 3,000pcs/min
Power&Voltage 1p 220v/4kw 1p 220v/4kw
Machine Size 2600*1080*2200mm 2800*1150*2350mm
Machine weight 580kg 650kg

JX42 series group drinking straws packing machine is an automatic packaging machine for packing 5-300 pieces drinking straws into one plastic bag. The machine is applied to pack round shape drinking straws, small diameter tubes or pipes.

Quality Throughout:

  • PLC and Touch screen design and control, precision and easy operate

  • With Mechanical formula and memory function, high efficiency

  • Intelligent feeding detection prevents the packaging film consumption

  • High quality dual-inverter structure for long service time and easy maintenance

  • Straw quantities calculated by counting wheel, more accurate

  • 304# stainless steel conveyor&table, plate surface spray paint design more elegant

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