Project Description

Model JX021 flexible drinking straw bending machine
Power&Voltage 1/3 phases 220/380/415V,  1.5 kw/h power consumption
Motor 1.5 kw
Qty of trans. rack 12 groups
Functions counter, automatic stop
Machine size 2.2m*1.6m*1.7m(L*W*H)
Machine weight 900KG
Straw Diameter 4/5/6mm, inner dia. 3.8/4.8/5.8mm
Straw Length 150-255mm
Capacity 250-300pcs/min
Packing details high quality non-fumigation wooden box
Lead time 20-30 days
Shipping port any port of China

021 series flexible drinking straw bending machine is an equipment used to bending straight drinking straws into flexible ones. This machine can be applied for all kinds of straws such as pp straws, PLA(Polylactic acid) straws and Paper drinking straws.
The entire operation, from product in-feed, forming to product out-feed, is automatically performed requiring the operator to add the material into the hopper loader only. The straight straws supplied in the hopper at the top of machine, are fed one by one into the main drum of the machine and clamped by two mechanical catches.

Quality Throughout:

  • The forming parts of flexible drinking straw bending machine are transport unit manufactured from a alloy steel, which has long service time

  • With steady production capacity

  • Automatic products counting, quantity pre-set, easy to operate

  • Automatic stop when a fault has occurred, and reliable.


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