Can you imagine drinking a milkshake or soft drinks without a straw? Here one thing we can all agree drinking straws have changed our lives. But how to produce drinking straws? 

Drinking straw extrusion

The raw material(pp resins) is measured and poured into drinking straw making machine that is fitted with a die which produces a hollow tube shape. The pp resins are dumped into a hopper on one end of the straw machine and are forced through a long channel by a screw mechanism. As the screw rotates, it moves the resins down the barrel. As the resin travels down the heated channel, it melts and becomes more fluid. By the time the resin reaches the end of the barrel, it is completely melted and can be easily forced out through the opening in the die. The resin exits the straw machine die in a long string in the shape of a drinking straw. It is then moved along by a piece of equipment known as a puller which helps maintain the shape of the drinking straw as it is moved through the rest of the manufacturing process. This elongated tube is then given a water bath, which brings us to our next stage of manufacturing.

Drinking straw cooling system

At this stage the hollow tube shaped resin undergoes a simple water bath. The resin is stretched through the water bath by the puller. The water bath stops the heat conduction process and ensures that the drinking straw will maintain a specified consistency and diameter. The puller plays a big role in this important step as well.

Drinking straw cutting machine

After being cooled, the long hollow tube can now be cut to make individual drinking straws. The length of each cut can be determined by setting the drinking straw cutting machine to a certain speed. The slower the cut, the longer the drinking straw; the faster the cut, the shorter the drinking straw. The machine can be dialed in precisely, so as to get the same cut length every time a certain size drinking straw needs to be produced. The machine itself is just a simple cutting knife. The puller (mentioned above), pulls the long hollow tube into the cutting machine through rotating wheels at the set speed and the blade makes continuous cuts. The individual drinking straws then drop into a bin for collection.

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