Drinking straw making machine now is not unfamiliar to you and it exists everywhere like personal home, small factory and even some professional& big drinking straw enterprises. However are you still worry about the skills of how to change and adjust the mold if you are a green hand. As a professional manufacturer and your reliable drinking straw making machine supplier, we have responsibility and obligation to provide considerate service to you. Let’s get started.

Firstly, pick the “old mold” off. You must assure the temperature has been reached the setting value of the machine, then twist down the air inlet valve, screw bolts and heating careful. Note:please remember to clear up the changed mold pp material ASAP to keep a good performance when next time been used.

drinking-straw-extruder-molddrinking straw extruder mold figure 1 

Then when you finished the “pick off” work, you can install the mandrel(subuliform mold) and let the air hole in 6 o’clock position, then you can screw the air valve back.

drinking-straw-extruder-moldsdrinking straw extruder mold figure 2

Thirdly, let’s go to the installation of die sleeve. For one color drinking straw making machine, the mold and die installation is easy and you make sure that all the holes align. If yours machine is two colors or three colors, there are many holes with thread or without thread. In this case, here is “reference substance”–six screw holes, put the die sleeve and turn around to make six holes align in the same time. Screwing the bolts and install the die and the rest of the heating parts. 


drinking straw extruder mold figure 3

Above are the steps about how to change mold, next we will going to steps to adjust the mold.

When you finished the installation of the new mold, you will find that mandrel is not in the center of the die. What you have to do is adjusting the space between mandrel and die by screwing the six bolts around the die gradually to make the space look like uniform. But actually you never can make it so precise and drinking straws is not straight from the cutter. Then what we are going to do? Normally one person use a oil pen to mark a line lightly aligning with one bolt on the straw after the die continuously, another person look at the straws been cut until see the marked straws. Pick one piece up and measure the thickness of the straws (please care the direction of straws). The direction of adjustment should be opposite. To put it simply, you should tighten the bolts when there are too much clearance. If small clearance, on the contrary. It is very easy to make it, and practice makes perfect. Cheer up!

We endeavor to provides all of our customers with considerate service and solutions in time.

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