Millions of drinking straws are used a day, and it has changed our daily lives greatly. There are many types drinking straws like straight straws, bendy straws, and crazy straws etc.
A straw that can bend or flex, and flexible section like L shape or U shape make that is much more fun and practical to drink juice and cola than the straight straws. When you have your own flexible straw bending machine and make straws, but do you know how it works?

The key parts of flexible straw bending machine is Cams, Shafts, and Forming components such as forming wheels and needles. It is easy to understand how the forming part works. The most coolest part is Cams. Various motions can be shown by the different actions of a Cam against a follower. The aims of any Cam is to make relative displacement of its follower. The most popular Cam is plate type, but here cylindrical type is often used to transmit linear motion to a follower as the Cam rotates.

                                                                                                Cylindrical Cam figure

The cylindrical Cam produces reciprocating motion in the follower. Bearings are frequently employed, and the groove in the periphery of the Cam should be shaped to accommodate the following bearings. And the feature is that the follower can move through a complete cycle in the course of several revolutions of the Cam. 

From the brief introduction, will you understand your machine well? 

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