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JX 01 series drinking straw making machine

Jiexuan 01 series drinking straw making machine delivers all the levels of quality and reliability that you deserve. This pp straw making machine from Jiexuan machinery achieves the highest levels of productivity and performance through its superior construction. It has been specially designed and engineered to combine many fine features in a single unit.

01 series drinking straw making machine is a set of production line which uses polypropylene (pp) combined with colorful masterbatches as raw material. After melted and extruded by screw and heaters, pp material was shaped by extruder die. Drinking straws are been finished through water cooling system, cutting unit and automatic gathering machine. The finished products cover the transparent and one to three color drinking straws. Machine has wide range of applications, such as drinking straws, lollipop sticks, coffee stirring sticks,  ball pen refills, cotton bud swabs or sticks, and other small pipes used for industry.