Making drinking straw is a low cost business to start with, and the demand for drinking straw remains through out the year. So almost everybody can start a home based business with the plastic straw making machine. However, someone can’t recognize which one is the best for them.

There are many factors influencing your decisions such as straw making machine quality &price, manufacturer’s expertise, service, and public reputation etc.

Beware of quality
there are suppliers who can fool you by supplying stable and quality machine for you, such as #304 stainless steel replaced by #201, you can not tell the differences between them by eyes easily. One of the key point is straw cutting machine if you want to purchase a stable and reliable straw making machine, the cutter and support base is so important that you can not ignore it. In this case, some customers only prefer the cheapest price from supplier, there are an old saying in China:” Nothing for nothing and very little for a half penny.” You get what you pay for. What we looking for is that products have a reasonable price with good quality.

Better to do business with manufacturer
There are no more 20 straw making machine professional manufacturers in China Mainland. Some are trading, even some factory regard straw machine business as their “side occupation”. You don’t want no after sales service when you need it urgently whatever you are straw factory or distributor. No service on time or no service at all, your customer will get angry on you and it will ruin your reputation in market, and as a merchant you know how much important is reputation to us. 

Manufacturer’s prompt and expert response
Your straw machine manufacturer should provide prompt response of your requirements and order. To compete in this fast moving world, it is quite essential that your supplier should understand value of time and meet your needs then complete your work order as soon as possible. You don’t prefer these suppliers who can not reply you promptly and do not give you any professional ideas.

Nanjing Jiexuan was established to provide product consulting service including Pre-sales, aftersales guidance and focus on popular plastic drinking straw machine design and production. With “the quality is the life of enterprises, service is our mission” as the tenet of our company, we are going to help every friends to get their willing products and services in time.

We would love to work with you and be your most reliable friends.

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