24 11, 2021

International biodegradable plastic standards and related certifications

November 24th, 2021|Others|

According to different disposal environments after use, biodegradable plastics are mainly divided into industrial compostable plastics, household compostable plastics, soil degradable plastics, and seawater degradable plastics. Different types of biodegradable plastics have corresponding standards and specifications. 1. Relevant standards for industrial composting European standard EN 13432 applies to biodegradable plastic packaging that can be industrially composted. It requires a disintegration [...]

26 07, 2018

a brilliant future for energy saving

July 26th, 2018|Others|

Energy is all around us. You know how much energy do we use in one day. In fact, it's been impossible to ignore the importance that we are going to do our bit for the environment. And innovations in energy saving  is never stop, despite the low rates adaption of energy-efficient technologies. Jiexuan Machinery focuses drinking straw machines for more [...]

2 06, 2018

PLA Material

June 2nd, 2018|Others|

What Is PLA Material? Polylactic acid (PLA shortly) uses corn, cassava and other crops as raw materials, and derived from microbial fermentation and extraction(lactic acid), then refined, dehydrated and oligomerized, pyrolyzed and polymerized. PLA has excellent biodegradability, and can be completely degraded by microorganisms in the soil within one year after being discarded, resulting in CO2 and water, and without [...]

8 09, 2017

Plastic crafts with drinking straws

September 8th, 2017|Others|

Plastic drinking straws--we often use them once and throw them away. It raises more awareness about environmental issues. But a women's  initiative in Uganda is breathing new life into discarded millions of straws by turning them into hats, bags and bracelets. The women collect straws from bars and restaurants, then wash, disinfect and flatten them before creating uniquely woven bags [...]

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