Energy is all around us. You know how much energy do we use in one day. In fact, it’s been impossible to ignore the importance that we are going to do our bit for the environment.
And innovations in energy saving  is never stop, despite the low rates adaption of energy-efficient technologies.

Jiexuan Machinery focuses drinking straw machines for more than 10 years, there’s no excuses for not doing something about energy saving. This year we take actions to cooperate with national high-tech enterprise with leading research and development capabilities for energy-saving project–Nano infrared industry heater.

Why Nano-infrared heater?
1). High efficiency: use of nano-infrared high-temperature resistant alloy wire with high electrothermal conversion efficiency, one-way infrared heating enabling rapid heating up to 17℃/min.

2). Low surface temperature: as low as 40-55℃ improve the workshop temperature significantly.

3). High energy-saving rate: 30-68% energy saving compared with conventional electric heating circle.

4). Long extended life: stable and reliable structure with life more than 8 years, 4 year/26,000 hours promised warranty time.

Specifications: (coordinated with Jiexuan drinking straw making machine)

Inside Diameter 98mm
Outside Diameter 208mm
Highest temperature tolerance 650℃
Maximum rate of temperature increase 208mm
Temperature control accuracy ±1℃
Voltage range 1Phase, 220V, 50HZ
Power range 2-3kw

Application: Nano-infrared heater is used for heating of barrel of rubber or plastic equipment, Our model mainly used for drinking straw making machine.

JX01 series drinking straw making machine 

Jiexuan started the cooperation with AILKSEN in 2018 with nano-infrared heaters with Jiexuan all series drinking straw extruder.

nano-infrared heaters


Power Saving Rate 35.7%