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12 12, 2016

Tips for problems of drinking straw making machine

December 12th, 2016|Technical support|

Everyone want to make his machine work well, but sometimes drinking straw making machine issues can occur due to different reasons. Fortunately, many common problems can be fixed or prevented by making sure that machine is set up properly and has regular maintenance. But what the common problems will be and how to get rid of?  Common drinking straw making machine [...]

6 12, 2016

Best place to purchase drinking straw machine in China

December 6th, 2016|Before purchasing|

China now are well known for supplying various drinking straw machine around the world. Whatever you want, you can find it in the China big market, but it is not always easy task to find the right places and proper suppliers. In order to deal with this problem, we've compared some places and provide you with the best places to [...]

5 12, 2016

how to change and adjust the drinking straw making machine mold

December 5th, 2016|Technical support|

Drinking straw making machine now is not unfamiliar to you and it exists everywhere like personal home, small factory and even some professional& big drinking straw enterprises. However are you still worry about the skills of how to change and adjust the mold if you are a green hand. As a professional manufacturer and your reliable drinking straw making machine [...]

3 12, 2016

How do flexible straw bending machine cam work?

December 3rd, 2016|Working principle|

Millions of drinking straws are used a day, and it has changed our daily lives greatly. There are many types drinking straws like straight straws, bendy straws, and crazy straws etc. A straw that can bend or flex, and flexible section like L shape or U shape make that is much more fun and practical to drink juice and cola [...]

21 11, 2016

Steps to choose drinking straw machines

November 21st, 2016|Before purchasing|

how to get the quotation and details quickly from drinking straw machine supplier? Here are some steps and tips that can help you greatly: By types here we can supply drinking straw making machine, straw bending machine, straw packing machine By colors when it comes to colors, it often refers to drinking straw making machine including one color, two color, three [...]