China now are well known for supplying various drinking straw machine around the world. Whatever you want, you can find it in the China big market, but it is not always easy task to find the right places and proper suppliers. In order to deal with this problem, we’ve compared some places and provide you with the best places to choose from.

As the fact, when it comes with drinking straw machine everyone know it that Taiwan is known for delivering the top quality machines to customers in all of the world. Taiwan achieves the high levels of machine productivity and performance and offer good service to make their customers happy. In other side, price of Taiwan machine is extremely high. Not only the machine itself, also the other extra cost. You’ll feel lucky that you never met the intermediary. 

There are another name listed that famous for providing latest and high quality of drinking straw machines. Almost same as the Taiwan, Korean is not your cup of tea if you just need high cost performance products. Price quote of Korea is not lower than the Taiwan. So if your budget is not enough, you got it.

So you know why many customers are willing to come to China and even going to learn Chinese (many of my customers son or daughter do) in order to do business with China. Yes, China has great advantage over the other markets. Then where is the best places to buy drinking straw machine?

As you know each city has a special name in China such as Yiwu–the biggest wholesale market, and Linyi–The logistics city etc. However do you know Nanjing city? Maybe you only know that it is a city with long history and the one of the ancient capital of China. In fact the first drinking straw machine was created at Nanjing city on 1990s by the state-owned aircraft carrier company–The CSSC where our company owner worked. After that, many people was confused that why a aircraft carrier company went to create and produce drinking straw machine? Actually by virtue of unique advantage in resources and skill, Nanjing make it! Until now most of the drinking straw machine comes from Nanjing and trading agency works for it.

From the above places compared, do you know which place is the best one to choose when you purchase it? Nanjing–You will get excellent quality, considerate customer service and fast transportation facility.

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